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Cady Aquastore is the premier authorized dealer for CST Storage in DeKalb, IL.  The Cady group has been building glass-fused-to-steel tanks since 1954.  The Aquastore® liquid storage tank can be designed for virtually every segment of the Municipal and Industrial water market.

Aquastore tanks feature low life cycle cost. They are versatile and cost-effective for waste water treatment storage and are designed to meet national standards. Applications range from E.Q. tanks, aeration tanks, anaerobic digestion tanks, clarifier tanks, trickle filters, and sludgestorage/mixing tanks. Aquastore Tanks are also suitable for total system applications as package treatment plants from small to large volume treatment.

Aquastore tanks feature an inert glass-fused-to-steel coating that never needs recoating and will last the service life of the tank. With maintenance requirements and down times at a minimum, the long term cost savings of an Aquastore water storage tank are unparalleled in the industry.


Alpha Ground Storage Tank

A new 14 foot diameter by 15 foot tall (15,000 gallon) Aquastore ground storage tank was recently erected and put online for the Village of Alpha Illinois.  The Aquastore tank features a structural platform installed on the tank shell designed to mount a forced induction aerator.  Alpha water originates from wells on a shallow bedrock aquifer, and is about 35 miles east if the Mississippi river.  Hydrogen sulfide being a common constituent in Western Illinois,  among other minor contaminants, necessitated the improvement of water treatment processes.

The Aquastore was chose for its low maintenance glass fused to steel coating and for the ability to expand from the 15-foot shell height to a 24-foot shell height for future growth of the Alpha community.  Cady Aquastore prides itself on building the best quality storage tank, at at an affordable price. With the glass fused to steel technology, it will keep your maintenance cost affordable for many years to come.

Waterloo Holding/Settling Sludge Tank

Surrounded by rich farmland east of the Mississippi River, the City of Waterloo is located within 30 minutes of downtown St. Louis. The city built a new 2.086 MGD (organic design loading rate of 4588 lbs of BOD) waste water treatment plant on the… [READ MORE]

LaSalle Tank

The City of LaSalle, Illinois received complaints of a black greasy mineral showing up in their drinking water.  Especially noticeable were the black spots in home owner’s… [READ MORE]

Elburn Tanks

Two Aquastores structures were installed to house a WRT unit (WRT contact is Steve Anderson, Project engineer 303 424 5355) that removes radium at… [READ MORE]

Joliet Sludge Tank

Two (2) 126×26 Aquastore tanks used on a 10 MGD waste water plant. These tanks will allow for… [READ MORE]

Bridgeton Landfill

Bridgeton Landfill is a large, closed landfill near St Louis, Mo close to the Missouri river where leachate was permitted to be discharged to… [READ MORE]

West Frankfort Potable Water Tank


A 53’diameter by 61’ tall Aquastore 1M gallons structure was installed in 2006 for the City of West Frankfort, Illinois. The town had experienced… [READ MORE]

Geneva Water Treatment Plant

The City of Geneva, in response to impending regulatory requirements and mounting public concern for high quality drinking water, decided to… [READ MORE]