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Dave Hemauer from Cady Aquastore presents on behalf of the CST Storage – Aquastore Dealer group, a donation check for $1,000 to Hon. Mayor Stokes and Public Works Operator Joel Summerhill for their Veterans Memorial Park Project.

Cortland has graciously opened up their Aquastore Composite Elevated Tank for the annual CST Storage Field Day event for several years now.  To show appreciation for their hospitality, the Aquastore Dealer group including Cady Aquastore, Statewide Aquastore, Florida Aquastore, Texas Aquastore, and Mid-Atlantic Storage Systems all contributed to helping this Veterans Memorial project continue with their great work.

In conjunction with the Aquastore Dealer group above, CST Storage, the DeKalb manufacturer of Aquastore Glass Lined Storage tanks has contributed $500 towards this worthy project.