LaSalle Tank

LaSalle, IL

The City of LaSalle, Illinois received complaints of a black greasy mineral showing up in their drinking water.  Especially noticeable were the black spots in home owner’s washing machines.  After is was determined that the black spots were from the manganese found in the raw water, the city contracted with Mactec Engineering & Consulting from Peoria, Illinois to solve this problem and add a system for H2S removal. The City of LaSalle has a 50 acre well field with 7 wells approximately 70’ deep along side the Illinois River.
A 22×38 Aquastore structure was installed in early 2008.  The removal system designed by Mactec Engineering & Consulting added an aerator near the top of the tank. The aerator removes the H2S and begins the oxidation process for the manganese removal and also raises the Ph.  The final manganese removal is done with a conventional green sand filter system.

An Aquastore was chosen because its head pressure is high enough to push liquid through the sand filters without the use of an additional pump.  The system went into full production in June 2008. The city is very pleased with the results.

8901 N. Industrial Rd., Peoria, IL 61615
PH: 309-693-6281

Dave Stacker
Water Superintendent,
Purchased 7/19/2007
745 Second St., LaSalle, IL, 61301